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About Us

Bonnie Lee's Creations

It's all about energy and mindfulness!!!

Contact me for custom made grids, wands, trees and jewelry. Also contact me for private and group workshops, classes and sessions.

All trees are hand created using semi-precious stone chips and copper wire.

All crystal grids are hand-drawn Zentangle Inspired Art with attached semi-precious stones.

All wands are hand created using wood, semi-precious stones and copper wire.

All jewelry is hand-crafted using semi-precious stone beads and leather.

Pre-made pieces are available at local craft fairs and festivals.

A large selection of rough and tumbled crystals and stones may also be available.

I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher and would love the opportunity to share this easy-to-learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images using structured patterns. See Zentangle Classes for available classes.

About Bonnie Luther

Certifications include Zentangle Teacher, Crystal Master, Crystal Healer, Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Stone Grid Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Usui and Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher, Mudra Teacher, Angel Guide, Tarot and Angel Card Reader

Bonnie Luther is the founder and designer of Bonnie Lee’s Creations. Her love of crystals, stones and rocks started at a very early age and has only grown over the decades. Her pursuit into any information available has led her to acquiring certifications as a crystal healer, an advanced crystal practitioner and a crystal master. She’s knowledgeable in using crystals, stones and rocks with grids, elixirs, Reiki, essential oils, alchemy, energy healing, Feng Shui and divination. Delving into the area of energy healing inspired her to also learn mindfulness practices such as mudras and the Zentangle Method. She loves sharing the knowledge she has gained by teaching others how to incorporate crystals and mindfulness into their own lives. Many weekends from late Spring through November, Bonnie Lee’s Creations can be found at markets, fairs, festivals and expos in RI, MA and CT. She’s happy to answer any questions you may have. She also teaches classes in Reiki, crystals, and in using the Zentangle Method to relax and focus. She offers private lessons and group workshops.

See Other Classes for available subjects.

Text or email me:

Phone: (401)580-4531


To pre-register for a class, click here.

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